Bold Mellon is an award-nominated multidisciplinary arts collective, founded by Amy-Rose Edlyn, Emilia Nurmukhamet and Maddie Mellon in June 2021. We produce theatre, cabaret, scratch nights, live music and club gigs, facilitate life drawing classes and host visual art events by and for emerging and early career queer creatives to experiment, create and collaborate. 


Bold Mellon Collective are former artists in residence at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Above the Stag Theatre and Stanley Arts. We have worked with The Place, Contact, Kings Head Theatre, NDT Broadgate, VFDalston, The Social, The Glitch, Hen and Chickens Theatre and Bloomsbury Baptist Church. Our debut show BELINDA has been nominated for OFFIES: IDEA PRODUCTION after a successful run at the Vault Festival 2023.





Amy Mitchell






Emilia Nurmukhamet



Maddie Mellon




Maddie Mellon



Image Descriptions

Amy: Against a pale grey background, a non-binary person in their twenties with ombréd brown to red gold shoulder length hair are stood slightly at an angle, looking up at the camera with bright blue eyes. Their skin is pale, eyelashes and eyebrows are dark and lips are full. They are wearing a horizontally striped black and white top.


Emilia: Against an aged, beige brick background, a Tatar woman in her twenties with hazel eyes and long, black hair, parted down the centre, stares straight at the camera. Her chin is tilted slightly up, and her right hand is on her hip, and she wears a cropped white and pastel pink and blue blazer.


Maddie: Against an aged, beige brick background, a pale freckled woman in their twenties with blue eyes and strawberry blond hair looks straight at the camera. The left eyebrow is slightly elevated, blue eyes are slightly squinted, and the corner of her lips is upturned. She is wearing a fitted black waistcoat.