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Queer Joy
Purley Library  - 20 July 2023

Join Bold Mellon Collective and Queer Croydon on July 14th at 18:15pm for an open panel discussion ‘Queer Joy: In Conversation’. Featuring Asifa Lahore, Charlie Wood, Claudia Coelho and Toni Murphy. Free.

Image Descriptions:

Photo of Charlie Wood – Charlie is wearing a spiky pale blue latex hood, you can see her neck and shoulders and is wearing a pale blue stain top. She also wear’s a white pearl necklace. The background is pale blue.

Photo of Asifa Lahore – Britain’s First Out Muslim Drag Queen and LGBT+ activist Asifa Lahore strikes a pose in a bedazzled blue belly dance outfit.

Photo of Toni Murphy – Toni is seen smiling in a chair, one hand resting against her cheek. She is wearing a white tank top and a silver padlock necklace. Blue jeans and a black buckle belt can be seen. Her hair is styled with blonde-black ombre faux locs and her brows are bleached. She has an eyebrow piercing on her left brow. Her left nostril is also pierced and she has a silver septum piercing visible.

Photo of Claudia Coelho – Claudia Coelho as her drag alter ego of Shepherd’s is a vision in blue denim and leopard print, a pleasantly plump goddess.

Doors: 6pm

Image Descriptions

Queer Joy : In Words: Queer Joy : In Words - Bold Mellon Collective