Bold Mellon Project


“Klazomania” (from the Greek κλάζω (“klazo”)—to scream)

KLAZO, devised by Maddie Mellon and Daniel Jones with the Bold Mellon Collective, was performed as part of the Resolution Festival in London in 2022.

KLAZO is a raw, autobiographical dive into contrasting experiences of the onset of Tourette’s Syndrome. Treading between vulnerable and absurd, two tourettic movers mirror and oppose each other to create a visual foray into the breakdown of identity that coincides with the development of disability. Through organic movement, live art, and body prints, they explore tics and their connection to self-control. In doing so, they redefine the relationship between body and mind.

The music of KLAZO was composed to represent the themes of disassociation, trauma and derealization, as well as the separate roles of ‘Mind’, ‘Body’ and ‘Soul’ that feature within the production. One theme is passed around different voices throughout the twenty minutes, trying countless different ways to articulate its identity; however, it is fragmented and distorted throughout the piece, often at war with itself or against a rising tide of noise and static that builds up around it.