Queer Joy

In July 2023 Bold Mellon Collective produced our second QUEER JOY exhibition at Stanley Arts Gallery.  This free to attend exhibition engaged submissions by emerging queer artists based in the UK and those working/living in Croydon in response to hearing, witnessing and experiencing queer joy and the parameters within which our society contains it. This synergistic exhibition interrogates the theme of queer joy beyond the rapture… unearthing its unbound and resilient nature! 


Up to no good

UP TO NO GOOD is a multi-media exhibition of visual and digital art by queer emerging artists living and/or working in the Borough of Tower Hamlets and beyond.  We are ‘up to no good’ because we reject the notion of perfection and everything that comes with it. All we know and all we have is our community: queer people, queer spaces and queer places that most often exist in a different realm of sublimity. 

Rich Mix Gallery April 4th-27th.