KLAZO is a raw, autobiographical dive into contrasting experiences of the onset of Tourette’s Syndrome. Treading between vulnerable and absurd, two tourettic movers mirror and oppose each other to create a visual foray into the breakdown of identity that coincides with the development of disability. Through organic movement, live art, and body prints, they explore tics and their connection to self-control. In doing so, they redefine the relationship between body and mind.



Our most recent production of KLAZO performed as a part of Social Model & More Festival and commissioned by Theatre Deli has been described as

‘an outstanding’ , ‘mesmerizing’ , ‘impressive’, ‘visceral’ and ‘compelling’ performance

Fringebiscuit Magazine & The Reviews Hub

KLAZO has been first performed at The Place as a part of the Resolution Festival 2022, then transferring to Contact Manchester as a part of the Emergency Festival 2022

Creative Team:

Co-devised by

Maddie Mellon, Daniel Jones and Emilia Nurmukhamet

with creative assistance from

Anna Udras

Original music composed by

Kay Rowan

with costume design by

Tainted Saint

Klazo video with Audio Description

 by Dot Alma


Bold Mellon Collective - Klazo at The Place

Klazo was presented as part of Resolution 2022 in The Place, May 2022

Bold Mellon Collective - Klazo at The Place

Klazo was performed at Theatre Deli in London on Thursday 23rd November,
7pm – 8pm