~ GIVE OR TAKE ~  is an interactive live-art performance that explores gift-giving as an act of celebration, alongside unpacking moments when ‘gifts’ are employed as a contract and a transaction. Remember, nothing ever comes for free. ~ GIVE OR TAKE ~  celebrates the rich history of Tatar diaspora with a focus on resistance and community, while offering a queer critique of oppressive and imperialist bargains. The show begins as a game played with the audience, before becoming an emotive ritual for consent and accountability fusing dance, poetry and live electronic music.

 ~ GIVE OR TAKE ~ has been previously scratched at The Pen Theatre, VSSL and The Glitch, before being commissioned by Certain Blacks to be performed as a part of the Ensemble Festival 2023 (Royal Docks) and for Soul on Ice 2024 (Rich Mix) following a creative residency at Ugly Duck.


Creative Team:

Devised and performed by

    Emilia Nurmukhamet and Dear Annie

with co-creative support from

    Theodor Spiridon (TAKDAJA), Byuka Krow and Desree

Commissioned by

    Certain Blacks

 ~ GIVE OR TAKE ~  images from Ensemble Festival 2023 by

    Tainted Saint