In a palpably tense tarot reading, best friends Ruby and Rose peel back their queer impostor syndrome, squeeze their subconscious and expand the latex of their joyful, queer bubble. Igniting their fears and leaning into the surreal, Belinda combines British narrative with Eastern European flair; delving into the complexity of queer culture in a society which demands we be digestible.

Bold Mellon Collective - Klazo at The Place

KLAZO is a raw, autobiographical dive into contrasting experiences of the onset of Tourette’s Syndrome. Treading between vulnerable and absurd, two tourettic movers mirror and oppose each other to create a visual foray into the breakdown of identity that coincides with the development of disability. Through organic movement, live art, and body prints, they explore tics and their connection to self-control. In doing so, they redefine the relationship between body and mind.


‘Plant-Based P*ssy’ (working title) – exploring the intricate relationship between sexual abuse, menstration, and fractals of the memory – when the dog is the only god who will listen. Originally commissioned as a monologue by the Kings Head Theatre in August 2023 to be performed as a response to the Vagina Monologues at the closing event of the original pub theatre


 ~ GIVE OR TAKE ~  an interactive live-art performance celebrating the rich history of Tatar diaspora with a focus on resistance and community. Gift-giving is explored as an act of celebration, as a contract and as a transaction.   The show begins as a game played with the audience, before becoming an emotive ritual for consent and accountability fusing dance, poetry and live electronic music.

Queer faces of war

Queer Faces of War is a documentary theatre production written by Emila Nurmukhamet in collaboration with Queer Svit. The performance is based on the life experiences of LGBTQ+ people impacted by the war on Ukraine. The monologues have been developed with those impacted, to give us a window into their lives since the full-scale invasion, as well as to celebrate their bravery and resilience during wartime.